What People Are Saying About Loop Church

These are the words of a group of people who've recently joined our community. As part of a welcoming ceremony, we asked what they had experienced at Loop Church. Their answers might help anyone who wants to learn more about what Loop Church is like.

"We've loved the warm welcome we've gotten, the church's commitment to social engagement, and the challenge we get from the teaching every weekend."

"Over the last 2 years I've been going through a lot of unravelling of my faith; not only the specific faith I grew up in, but also really any faith in God at all, specifically the God I would see in the Bible. When we started coming here, I felt immediately that, if I'm going to be going through something like these faith struggles, then this is the kind of place I want to be in. ... Over the past couple months I've been slowly starting to put some type of faith back together, in the context of this church, which has been very helpful."

"We love the diversity here, both in the faces and in the minds of people. We've felt welcomed here."

"Here at Loop I see the humility and willingness to be challenged ... but also to act on that challenge. That's been so inspiring."

"One thing we'd not experienced before Loop was having a discussion and Q and A time after the sermons. To be able to talk about things, and digest the message a little bit more is something we've really come to appreciate. We've felt like we've grown a lot just in the few months we've been here."

"We've appreciated the sense of community we experience here, and the welcome that we've received. We also appreciate the intentionality of this church in involving itself in the community, and looking into hard social justice questions."

"This is a place that challenges itself, wants to grow as leaders, and wants to learn. The spirit of compassion and critical thinking is what I love ... and I feel welcome here."