Office Staff

Rev. Mark Brouwer, Pastor

Mark Brouwer is a pastor, writer, and speaker. He serves as the pastor of Loop Church, and is also the director of Renew Resources, a teaching and mentoring organization that helps busy people live with more meaning and less anxiety. He is the editor of, a resource for spiritual leaders, and the recovery blog He is author of "The Solid Foundation Journal" (Mission House) and the forthcoming "Thriving Leaders: spiritual solutions for changing the world without wrecking your life” (Mission House). He is a contributing author of “A Christian Handbook of Abuse, Addiction, and Difficult Behaviors,” (Mayhew Publishing) and several articles in The Ministry Essentials Bible (Baker Bookhouse). Mark and his wife Charlene live in Chicago, and have two grown sons.

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Jim Bosman
Ministry Coordinator

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Antonia Coleman

Seminary Intern

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